Policy for expansion of The NotA Collective

We provide for three different routes via which we invite candidates to be a part of our editorial team. Please note that all the routes mentioned below shall be primarily used for having a diversity of backgrounds and opinions in the editorial team as also described in the “Diversity and Inclusion policy”. 

  1. Route A:
    If you have made a minimum of one contribution in the form of articles, essays etc. (please check our “What we do” section to know about how you can contribute), you would be eligible to join our team. Existing editors are encouraged to actively look for people who have made contributions and suggest their names to the editorial team, along with their contributions.
  2. Route B:
    If you would like to join us or when we proactively seek out for people to be members of the editorial team, we will follow some of the below mentioned parameters. These parameters are not suffiecient but once you reach out to us, we can consider your involvement further.
    • We will proactively seek out contributors who have provided specific and reasonable suggestions or criticisms towards our work, to join our team. This is a way for us to ensure that we build a team with different ideas on what the  community needs in line with our broad common goals. 
    • Provide some commentary on academia as a sample 
    • Provide your experience and write to us
    • Any other form of sample (audio/video) that you feel helps us understand your stance better.
  3. Route C:
    If one of the existing members is confident that someone they know (nominees) may be able to contribute to the magazine as an editor/designer/organiser, they may communicate this to the other editors. Following a discussion in the existing team, the nominee shall be made part of the editing process immediately on a trial basis for a period of one month, the purpose of which will be to estimate whether they are comfortable with the work hours involved etc. The nominee shall be assigned specific tasks and will be a part of the meetings during this month but will not be a part of the testimonial editing process. After the trial period, the nominee shall indicate whether or not they are comfortable with the work schedule involved, and they can choose to leave if they are not able to dedicate the time or for other reasons. The editorial team may also review the nominee’s work for this duration, and decide on their permanent addition to the team.

Size of The Collective

To protect NotA from getting unnecessarily bulky, we are agreed to have a cap on the number of members and the number is subject to revision. In order to accommodate fresh voices and perspectives, previous members of the editorial team may need to be rearranged.