Notes on the Academy is a magazine that aims to critically evaluate academic institutions and culture. Our efforts are directed at making the larger community admit that these problems are not one-off cases but are systemic. We hope that our efforts spark a conversation among your circles about how higher educational institutions may be re-imagined, and how we, as a community, might work to cure academia of its illnesses.

As we see it, our major efforts will be directed towards the compilation of testimonials — anonymised accounts from people across as wide a base as we can find, based around the idea of a subjective survey. Take a look at the detailed introduction for our thought process and questions.

We also host articles about these problems. If you’re here for the first time, we encourage you to consult our manifesto, which highlights our foundational beliefs.

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In Defence of Piracy, Part I: Knowledge and Access

On December 21, 2020, three major publishing houses filed a copyright infringement suit against the pirate websites Sci-Hub and Libgen in the Delhi High Court. It is helpful to review the history of academic publishing, so as to contextualise the piracy that Sci-Hub and Libgen engage in.

The Subtle Problem of Exclusion

My story is a collection of my experiences and some “subtle” issues that I faced during my PhD. I intentionally call these issues “subtle” because for a lot of people, the things which bothered me wouldn’t even be noticed.

We Are No Longer Afraid: On Institutional Responses to COVID-19

[Our university] attracts the sharpest minds, and provides ample research opportunities. But, like all other systems with entrenched hierarchical power structures, [our university] faces several issues unique to it. What the coronavirus has done across the world is to bluntly magnify the issues that existed before the pandemic started. We started writing this article in July, but did not send it anywhere because we was afraid of the repercussions. Now, after all that has happened, we are no longer afraid.

My Language Barrier

When did you get interested in your current field of study? I got interested in the field of Architecture when I was looking at options to pursue for undergraduate studies. I wasn’t very passionate about the subject at that point, it was more of a convenient path I took because I had an interest to pursue something in the creative field(arts) along with something technical and this seemed like a good fit.


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